Chakra Premium Lager is the first Punjabi beer to hit the international market.

Brewed to a traditional recipe from the province of Punjab, North West India. Chakra beer is a premium lager with an enjoyable smooth, clean and refreshing taste – the perfect beer. Due to the rapid growth of the Chakra brand, we are seeking distributors in other territories. The success of the Chakra has prompted demand for fine Indian wines. Chakra is proud to present two fine varietals for you to enjoy… Kundalini (Shiraz) & Chandni (Pinot Noir), fine wines to complement fine cuisine.

Our Range of Products

Chakra beer is currently brewed under the technical supervision of Chakra Brewery India,


Chakra Brewed In Belgium

 Chakra Exclusive Beer in Champagne style bottle 75cl, Alc. 4.7 % Vol. Exclusive look. 6 bottles pr. case


Chakra Brewed In Czech Republic

Chakra Beer 33cl, 24 bottles pr. case Alc 4.7% Vol.
Chakra Beer 50cl, 20 bottles pr. case Alc 4.7% Vol.